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Borges Vintage Port 2007

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Philosophy To produce a Vintage… the best reward for those who work in the vineyard day after day. Produced solely in years when the grape is of extraordinary quality, it has body, it is complex, distinct and intense. This is Borges Vintage. Tasting Notes Appearance: Intense, dark ruby color. Aroma: Very intense aroma, with notes of red fruits, like mulberries and raspberries, enfolded in hints of mature black plums, eucalypt and spices revealing an year of great maturation. Taste: The wine shows a great balance between sweetness and acidity and the taste reflects the aromatic sensations which will linger into a very persistent finish enhanced by the big volume and the structure given by the firm and present tannins. Varieties Borges Vintage 2007 is made from Touriga-Nacional, Touriga-Franca and Tinta-Roriz.




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